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Ecofoot has developed products that, when combined with dyes and other coloration products, create more sustainable processes.

We have a strong commitment to sustainability

A wide range of applications

Bleaching and disinfection at low temperatures

Color protectors

Hybrid reactive pigments for reactive and pigment printing, (patented) for cellulosic or synthetic fibers, or blends (patented technology)

Ecological stain removal

Digital printing inks with hybrid reactive pigments

Pigments in hair

There are also more possibilities in line to be studied


The textile industry is a major contributor to global water scarcity, being one of the three most pollutant and consumer of water in the World.

The common coloration processes with reactive dyes, are the prime contributors to much of the water, time and energy consumption that takes place in the textile industry.

Pollution is also a major problem, and not only in the dyeing process but also on the finished garment. Denim Jeans washing is one of the main contributors to the problem, with toxic bleaches still being used for bringing down the colour to a fashionable contrast in lighter coloured jeans.

Our commitment


H2DENIM is a one-step process for light shade jeans with indigo in its pigment form, consisting of dyeing and achieve simultaneously the desired faded effect using conventional garment dyeing/washing machinery, without the need of polluting agents in dyeing or in wearing down the color.

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H2COLOR does not compromise fastness comparing with usual dyeing and printing processes.

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H2COLOR allows less water and energy consumption, contributing to the sustainability of the planet.

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H2COLOR allows standard processes to be a lot shorter, saving in machine time and increasing productivity. 

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