Based on a homogeneous dispersion of indigo pigment, cleaner and simpler to apply than powder or pre-reduced indigo


H2DENIM is presented in the form of a stable and homogeneous dispersion, something that cannot be achieved using indigo alone.


Our formulation is supplied ready to be applied to yarn in the traditional way or to garment in washing machine.

In garment application it is possible to obtain good levelling and the same worn and aged effect. The lighter or darker shades can be obtained directly, playing with the amount of H2DENIM applied instead of conventional Denim bleaching to obtain light shades which are very polluting. However, fading processes can be used, to get a bigger contrast on garment seams and localized effects.

Bleached process used to get some very light shades that usually are done with hypochlorite to bring down the color from dark dyed indigo jeans are not needed with H2DENIM as it is possible to obtain them directly. By this way H2DENIM also allows you to obtain denim effects on thinner or more delicate items.


With H2DENIM, the process is much less polluting and much shorter, since the bleached effect is achieved in one step, during the dyeing process and in a cleaner way.


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