H2Color-Aux is a washing-off auxiliary that saves water and energy in the process of removing unfixed dye from the fibres at the end of dyeing with reactive dyes.

It is a highly efficient ecological washing-off agent. By using H2COLOR-Aux it is unnecessary to boil to remove the unfixed dye. An average of 5 washes are sufficient at a maximum temperature of 60ºC.


Oxyprotect provides high washfastness to peroxides. It is recommended for monochlorotriazine or bifunctional dyes. Based on the temperature of dyeing of the immobilized dyes, they are dyed at 80ºC and treated after washing off with OXYPROTECT.

OXYPROTECT  protects dyes to multiple washing with detergents containing peroxides, represented by ISO105C09.


Reacitve/disperse dyes can be applied in dyeing polyester/cellulosic (PE/CO) blends in a one-bath process by using oxidative clearing agent ECOTICLEAR and the protecting agent OXYPROTECT, saving water, energy and time. They show good wet fastness, namely washfastness at 60ºC, ISO105C06, and good rub fastness.

ECOTICLEAR is an ecological clearing agent, not a reducing agent, and therefore not consumming oxygen nor raising the electrolyte content of hte effluent.

OXYPROTECT is a protecting agent for peroxide attack on dyes.

It is possible to save more than 70% of water in the total process of bleaching and dyeing when using the H2COLOR PREMIUM process after dyeing PE/CO blends, and 50% of total time.