About Us

Ecofoot is an award-winning university
 spin-off company, specializing in textile chemistry solutions. 

It aims to solve ecological and sustainability issues that have been around the textile dyeing industry for decades, such as reactive dyeing of cotton or polyester/ cotton blends, and indigo dyeing.

What we do

Ecofoot has at the present time a small capacity for production of H2COLOR products, being able to produce batches of 2-4 tons per day. 

It can supply bigger quantities through the collaboration it establishes with partners.

Ecofoot is a SME that has as a policy to establish partnerships with textile companies, chemical companies and other players in the textile chemical manufactures, ink manufacturers and the distribution sector, be it large or small companies or institutions, so as to satisfy the needs of its clients, whether they are textile dyeing, printing or other colouration technologies.


Jaime I. Naylor Rocha Gomes is the CEO of Ecofoot.

He is the founder and scientific mentor of several spin-off companies from University of Minho:

- He is the main founder of Ecofoot in 2012.

- He and his research team  founded Micropolis in 2003, now Micropolis-Devan after sale in 2007, to a large European company producer of textile functional products.

- Also worked as scientific mentor of Ecoticket, since 2008, that developed antimicrobial and anti-insect textile finishes, now Repeltec after restructuring in December 2019.
In the last 30 years he has promoted and executes joint projects of the University and the textile industry, both in dyeing and finishing.

He holds a Textile Chemistry degree, and a Phd (1982) from Leeds University, Textiles and Colour Chemistry Departments respectively, and is at present a full Professor at University of Minho and Head of Textile Department, where he started in 1976.

He has published more than 30 papers in international peer reviewed journals and 70 papers in international conferences, and is the inventor of international (PCT) patents on reactive microcapsules, including microcapsules of PCM, granted to Devan Chemicals in 5 countries. He his also the inventor for an european patent for reactive anti-insect nanoparticles (granted in 2019) and 1 European patent on reactive hybrid nanopigments, granted to Ecofoot in 2019.

Previous to the foundation of Ecofoot, he won a national prize for Innovation in 2011, the BES Grand Innovation Prize, for the invention and development of the sustainable hybrid nanopigments for dyeing and printing, that were the basis of Ecofoot’s technology.

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